ladimir Sterligov's Space: Between the Icon and Avant-garde

To whom it may concern: we invite you for the public lecture-discussion "Vladimir Sterligov's Space: Between the Icon and Avant-garde". This meeting is the part of the series "Coffee with the Director", series of meetings, that are conducted for years in the cafe of the Institute of Religious Sciences in Kiev (ul.Yakira, 13). Each month in an informal atmosphere we talk about different topics: religious journalism, icons, pilgrimage, Protestantism, the apostles, etc. For every meeting we invite as the chief guest the experts in the field, which is chosen for discussion. This Thursday (11.29.2012 g) at 19:00 the inivted guest will be Lydia Lozova - employee of the publishing association "Dukh i Litera", St. Clement's Center for communication and dialogue of cultures.

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